BlueFIRE Games

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This section is and archive for past projects that are no longer in development. These are when I first started to dabble in some video game ideas and projects long ago. 


This was another unfinished project I worked on in the MegaKerma Game Engine (basically SilentWalk 3), based on inspiration from The 5th Element movie. No story was made for it I just started designing stuff. I was starting my Masters Degree and working at the time and well, yet again l didn't have the time to continue working on it.


Shilton Singh - Level Design Draft

Zoltan - MegaKerma Game Maker

Cyber Quest 2

This one was a cool concept I had for a game that I worked on in SilentWalk 2 but never finished. The story was pitched to me by a good friend at work one day and I ran with it. At the time (2007) Cyber Quest and Cyber Quest 2 were meant to be in a sci-fi and post-apocolyptic settings respectively. However, reading it now in 2019 I realised they could both work in a cyberpunk setting as well. I was in my last year finishing my Degree in Computer Information Systems and working full time, so it was a stressfull time so priorities took my attention away from finishing it.

In the year 2043, some of the newly built nuclear power plants started to leak into the ocean while others were being directly dumped into it. Most of earths species began to mutate.

In 2054 most of these Mutants and Parasites became of monstrous proportions and invaded major forests and started to feed increasingly on natural wildlife.

In 2058 most of earths major super powers completed construction of giant walls around their cities to protect and isolate the human population. Underground transportation systems were developed and underground water reserves, left uncontaminated by radioactive wast, were utilized.

Present Day, 2070.

Primary Objective- You are a Cyber-Core operative sent on a crucial mission to retrieve lost information from fallen military and scientific bases inside the Hazard Zones. 

Secondary Mission- Gather Intel about and search for; any survivor groups that have not succumb to mutation and bring them back home. 

Side quests- Terminate Hostile groups and Mutant packs that might pose a threat to the underground cities.


Shilton Singh - Model and Artwork

Vidale Ganga - Story and Concept

Zoltan - Silent Walk 2 (Now Silent Walk: RENAISSANCE)

Cyber Quest

This is the only one that was completed, unfortunately it runs on Windows XP only and the engine is so basic and old even DOSBox or Compatibility mode doesn't work on it. What had happened hard drive crashed a bit after release (lost the build) and I could not re-compile or even update it after the first patch. The original build can still be downloaded . 
Play as an cybernetic soldier, re-programmed from a deadly enemy assassin  to a formidable ally. Rage through eight missions to battle deadly infected and the cyber-skull terrorist group that created you, in classic FPS style!


Story, Level Design & Development - Shilton Singh (Cyberon20)

Testing by Shortangel, Cyberon20, Zandair Draco, Jonny, Liam 

Modeling Software- Wings 3D

Textureing Software- Paint.NET

Video Editor- Jasc Animation Shop

Game Engine- SilentWalk v1.1 by Zoltan - Silent Walk FPS Creator